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Hi Kids! This month we are looking at the lives of Samuel and David. There is so much we can learn from their examples. After reading one of the stories of Samuel, see if you can list the lessons we can learn from him. Read the stories about David and Goliath. What lessons can you learn from David?
We have several stories for all age levels: for preschoolers - David, the shepherd; for young children: A Special Prayer, A Voice at Night, The First King, A New King, and David and Goliath for older children: Hurlbut's, The Little Boy with a Linen Coat and How the Idol Fell Down Before the Ark ; and Egemeier's, The Tall Man Whom God Chose to Become Israel's First King, How the Eyes of Some of Saul's People Were Saved, and How David Killed the Giant Goliath.
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