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Hi Kids! We have several stories of Bible characters who used prayer to get through tough situations.
For younger children: Ruth; Naomi and Ruth; God Calls Samuel; David and Goliath; Elisha, a messenger for God; Elijah is Fed by Ravens; Elijah Visits a Widow; Elijah on Mount Carmel; A Room on the Roof; Naaman; A Psalm for Giving Thanks; and A Praise Psalm.
For older children and teens: Samuel Listens; Daniel and the Lions; Esther Saves the Day; Jonah Goes to Nineveh; The Woman Who Forsook Idols to Serve God; How David Killed the Giant Goliath; How God Showed His Great Power on Mount Carmel; The Little Boy at Shunem; How a Little Girl Helped to Cure a Leper; The Chariots of Fire Around Elisha; How Queen Esther Saved the Lives of Her People; How Ruth Gleaned in the Field of Boaz; The Beautiful Girl Who Became a Queen; The Story of Job; Daniel in the Lions’ Den; and The Prophet Who Tried to Run Away From God.
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For Younger Kids


Naomi and Ruth

 God Calls Samuel

 David and Goliath

 Elisha, a messenger for God

 Elijah is Fed by Ravens

 Elijah Visits a Widow

 Elijah on Mount Carmel

 A Room on the Roof


 A Psalm for Giving Thanks

 A Praise Psalm

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