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Joseph, the Favorite Son
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Joseph, the Favorite Son
Genesis 37

Jacob had 12 sons. One of the sons, Joseph, was his favorite. He loved Joseph so much that he gave him a beautiful coat of many colors.

Joseph's brothers did not like all the attention their father gave to Joseph. They were angry against Joseph, but did not know what to do.

One day Jacob said to Joseph, "Your brothers have gone away to another place to graze the sheep. They have been gone a while. Can you go to your brothers and make sure all is well with them?"

Joseph traveled through the countryside to find his brothers. They saw him in the distance and said, "There is Joseph! What shall we do to him?"

The brothers agreed to take Joseph's coat away and throw him into an empty well. A little later, some traders passed by on their way to Egypt. The brothers wanted to get rid of Joseph, so they sold him to the traders. This meant Joseph would be taken to Egypt to become a slave.

When the brothers returned home, they lied to their father and told him that Joseph had been eaten by a wild animal.

Can you find your way through Joseph's colored coat? When you are finished, color the coat.

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