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Being part of a family requires love, courage, and oftentimes forgiveness. In this section, we're examining the importance of family through the life story of Joseph. We’ll look at Joseph’s childhood, his brothers’ plot to get rid of him, how his life unfolds from one hardship-adventure to the next over many years, and the ultimate point of forgiveness between Joseph and his brothers when they all realize God’s ever-present care and protection. The completeness of Joseph’s forgiveness makes him a role model for all of us.


Adult and Teen Informative Articles

Living with the Bible
  Siblings – Friends, Not Rivals
  Who's in the Center of Your Family?
  Our #1 Relationship - Strengthening our relationship with God improves our family and other relationships
  Caryl Waller Krueger is a Child Development Specialist, author of 15 books and lecturer on parenting and family living, and a Bible researcher and speaker.
  Cathy Raffles is President and Owner of a manufacturing company that makes English Toffee. Cathy talks about her family-friendly business model.
  Jerry Farmer, a prosecuting attorney, shares how rivalry between two families made one murder case particularly difficult.
  Healing - Joan K. Snipes, shows how powerful the Scriptures are in dealing with family.
Bible Overview
  Bible Characters - Joseph
Parenting with the Bible
  Parenting - Forgive and Forget?
  Parenting - As a family, make a Grateful Chain
  Parenting - Family Summer Reading
Teen Time - Make a Difference
  For Teens - The children of Israel were really just a HUGE family as they wandered in the wilderness. Like Moses, you can make a difference.
  For Teens - Like Joseph, you can make the best of tough situations
Teen Time - Questions and Answers
  For Teens - I don’t like it when I feel jealous of others or others feel jealous of me. How do you stop jealousy?
  For Teens - What does the Bible say about forgiveness? Is it important to forgive? (See how different family members forgave one another)
  For Teens - I’m the one that always does the work, while my younger sibling goofs off. But my parents don’t seem to notice, and I’m tired of my brother getting away with everything and my parents not noticing what I’m doing for the family. I feel jealous of my brother. What can I do?
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