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  The Power of Prayer  
Prayer is an effective way to deal with any problem in life: relationships, economic struggles, fear, illness, or anything else that challenges us. We will review the lives of several Old Testament characters who turned to God in deep prayer, learning to trust Him in all different situations. Prayer brings healing!

Adult and Teen Informative Articles

Living with the Bible
  A Precious Gift shares how the power of prayer and reliance on Jesus' words helped a family survive
  Julianne Hinkel shares how prayer led her to a job at a prison where she could fulfill her desire – to help others
  When There's No Human Help, There's God! - Dave Osborn shares his experience of being alone on the Pacific Crest Trail during a life-threatening blizzard, and how turning to God saved his life
  Claudia Fountain shares how a friend's mom called a prayer circle, which helped her friend find a professional music job
  Interview with Immaculée Ilibagiza – Advocate of Faith, Hope, and Forgiveness; Author and Speaker; Genocide Survivor – The Triumph of Forgiveness
  Paul White shares a deeply moving experience of a poor, 12-year-old girl, who was expected to die, being totally healed of cancer and finding a new life
  Jessica Morse – International Relations Specialist – Witnessing the Power and Comfort of God's Protective Presence
  Jessica Morse shares how the presence of the Christ transformed a kidnapping situation.
  Judith Cordray shares how prayer for their special education son and a therapeutic horsemanship instructor's refusal to limit him has helped her son break through limits and become more independent.
Teen Time - Make a Difference
  For Teens - Let's Pray
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