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Joshua - Midianites Defeated (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Obedience

Read Joshua 7

  • Who was Gideon to defeat? (Judges 6:16)
  • Gideon had to select an army. How many did he recruit? (32,000 Judges 7:3)
  • Why did God want a smaller army? (Judges 7:2)
  • What did Gideon do to reduce the size of his army? (Judges 7:3)
  • How many left because they were afraid? (22,000)
  • What did Gideon have to do to reduce the size of the 10,000? (Judges 7:5-6)
  • Describe why those who didn't drink from their hands would be a bad risk militarily.
  • What were God's instructions to this army?
  • What have you learned about God?
  • What have you learned about listening to God?