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Noah's Ark—Younger Children (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Noah

Read Genesis 6:11-8:17

  • Discuss Noah's qualities.
  • What does it mean: "Noah walked with God?"
  • What does it mean to leave the past behind?
  • What did Noah leave behind?
  • Discuss the qualities of Noah. We know he walked with God. What a companion! What would it be like to walk with God? Do we walk with God today?
  • The Bible also tells us that Noah found grace in God's eyes. What does that mean?
    • In Genesis we find that Noah was:
      • Just
      • Perfect
      • Spiritually upright
      • Genuine
      • Inwardly entire and complete
      • Obedient
    • What other qualities do you see in Noah?
    • What did Noah build?
    • Why did he build it?
    • List the directions for building the ark.
    • What materials did Noah need?
    • What kind of wood did he use?
    • How long did it take Noah to build the ark?
    • How long were they on the boat before it began to rain?
    • What would you do if you were on the ark?
    • How long did it rain?
    • How long did they have to stay in the ark? (answers can be found in reading the Bible Characters section.)
    • What qualities would you need to live with a floating zoo for a year?
    • What kinds of activities did they have on the ark?
    • What challenges would you have living on an ark with all those animals?
  • What's the first thing Noah does when he gets off the ark?