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Review of Joseph's Life (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Family, Joseph

Read Genesis 37

  • What is Jacob’s new name?
  • What kind of garment did Israel make for his son?
  • Describe Joseph. What do we know about him? [17 years old; beautiful coat; Dad loves him more than his other brothers; tattle-tale; dreamer, braggart]
  • What angered Joseph's brothers?
  • Do you know someone like Joseph?
  • There are three nasty behaviors listed in the first four verses of Gen. 37. Name them. [tattling, favoritism, and envy]
  • What's a tattle-tale?
  • Have you ever been a tattle-tale?
  • Do you like tattle-tales?
  • Who played favorites? Why?
  • Do you play favorites?
  • How do you feel when others have favorites and you're not it?
  • What is envy?· Why were Joseph's brothers envious?
  • Have you ever been envious?
  • What did Joseph dream about? (Gen. 37:5-11)
  • Why did his brothers get upset over Joseph telling them about the dream?
  • Why do you think he told his brothers the dream?
  • Do you think Joseph was taunting his brothers or was he innocently sharing his dream?· Would you have told your family about the dream?
  • Did Joseph need some humility?· Why did the dream upset Jacob?
  • What were the consequences of Joseph sharing this dream?
  • Why did Joseph's brothers throw him in a pit?
  • Why did they want to harm him?
  • What is revenge?
  • Is revenge ever right?
  • Who stopped them from killing Joseph?
  • What happens when anger, envy, and revenge get out of hand?
  • What happened to Joseph after he was thrown in the pit?
  • Would you ever do anything like that to your brother or sister?
  • Does it sound like Joseph's life might qualify for one of those reality television shows?
  • What did Joseph's brothers do to his coat?
  • What did the brothers tell their father?
  • How did Jacob react to the news about Joseph?
  • Why did they lie about Joseph?