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The Calf of Gold (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Moses

Read Exodus 24
  • While Moses was away, what did the people do? (Ex.32:1)
  • What did the Children of Israel ask Aaron to do? (make a graven image)
  • What did they make out of gold? (golden calf)
  • Why do you think the people did this?
  • Their excuse was that Moses hadn't come back, but they had just promised to obey the Ten Commandments. Was this a good excuse? (no)
  • Which commandments forbid the use of idols? (1 & 2)
  • What was Moses' reaction to the golden calf? (Ex. 32:19-29)
  • What do you think you would have done in Moses' place?
  • Why was it wrong to make the golden calf?
  • Is there anything in our society today that would be equivalent to making a golden calf?