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Jonah is the story of a prophet who runs away from God's instruction. His disobedience leads to several challenges, including being swallowed by a whale. During his journey, Jonah finds the integrity, honesty, and courage necessary to obediently follow God's direction.

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Projects and Activities
  Bible First Aid Notebook - Students create a notebook full of Bible verses                                                specific to handling fear, stress, etc.
  Helping Each Other Face Down Fear - Students write down a fear on an                                                                       index card, the teacher writes a fear                                                                       on a whiteboard, members of the                                                                       class help point out why they are not                                                                       afraid in that circumstance
Puzzles, Mazes, Coloring, etc.
Coloring Page - Jonah
Jonah Word Search
Jonah and the Great Fish Maze - Read the story of Jonah and then find your                                                             way to Jonah in the belly of the whale
A Vital Message in Code - Use the code to find out what Jonah said when                                                 he was in the whale's belly
How Many Days - Circle the number of days it would have taken a traveller
                                 to walk from one end of Ninevah to the other
Finish the Picture - Using the grid complete the picture of the great fish
On No, Jonah Maze - Help Jonah find his way to Joppa and then on to                                        Ninevah
Repent or Be Destroyed - Find out what the king of Ninevah declared after                                                hearing the Lord's message
Online Crossword Puzzle - Jonah
Bible Stories and Discussion Questions (read online and lookup in your Bible)

Read Jonah
     •  Jonah and the Mighty Whale (preschool children)
     •  A Big Fish Swallows Jonah (preschool children)
     •  Where Did Jonah Go? (younger children)
     •  Jonah and the Huge Fish (younger children)
     •  Inside a Fish (younger children)
     •  Jonah and a Big Fish (younger children)
     •  Jonah Goes to Ninevah (younger children)
     •  The Prophet Who Tried to Run Away From God (older children / teens)
     •  Just a Tall Tale?...Never! (older children / teens)
     •  Shep and Lily: A Lesson about Casting Lots (older children / teens)
     •  Discussion Questions

Listen to Bible Stories (online)
  The Story of Jonah (told by four-year-old Katie)
Bible Overview
  Bible Characters - Jonah
  Bible Overview - Jonah
  Why does the book of Jonah end so abruptly?
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