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Share the Christly Touch

What do we do when we see others, maybe the social outcasts, by themselves?

Be the Good Fruit

Can your attitude really make you successful in your work or friendships?

Modern Day Psalms

Check out these awesome Psalms, written by 6th and 7th graders.

Walking the Path of Service

Nimo Patel is a hip-hop music artist and humanitarian who spends his time helping others-making a difference in their lives.

The Need to Be Noticed

Do we find ourselves doing things to be noticed? God already approves of us!

Go the Extra Mile

When others requires us to do something, what's our response? Can we go the extra mile?

Sticks and Stones ... And Words

Is it true that words (posts and tweets) can never hurt? What's the effect of angry posts or tweets?

Be Salt and Light

Will you be "the salt of the earth - the light of the world" today? How?

A No Screen Christmas

Do you have the courage, love to turn off the screens? It'll be the best gift you give yourself and others.

What Do You See?

How do we respond to disaster?

Can We Control the Weather?

What's your weather today?

No To Pot is Yes to Freedom

How some teenagers are taking a stand

What can you do for your country, your world--together?

Let's move toward togetherness so we can work in unity.

Welcoming 2017 with Unity and Peace

Let's shift our focus to unity, peace, and gentleness to face issues and problems

Giving Gifts that Touch Lives

Need gift ideas? Here are gifts to give to yourself, your friends, and even to opponents or enemies, which can bring peace and healing.

Practice Appreciation. It Feels Good.

Appreciating others actually helps us feel better, too. Here's how to bring joy.

Set the Highest Goal

What's your #1 goal for the school year? Is it the highest goal? How do we achieve it?

The Sun Shines. We Love.

Can we be like the sun and shine love on everyone regardless of how they act?

Be Open. Don't Judge

Being open to cultural differences such as meal-time and restaurant norms, makes us more accepting, less judgmental.

Time to Reflect and Choose

Jacob shares how disconnecting and taking alone time to reflect helps him make good choices.

Surviving Group Projects

How to Survive Group Projects, a lesson from the Tower of Babel and the Day of Pentecost.

Bible Study in Prison-God's Love Resurrects Lives

Nancy Humphrey Case leads Bible study at prison, helping inmates answer questions about God, God's Love and goodness.

A Horsemanship Program that Builds Character and Community

Nancy Humphrey Case's horsemanship programs build character, community, and changes lives through love

Service is Love Made Practical

Jesus' life shows the importance of serving others. Sarah Bell, former librarian in Sitka, AK, served her community with outreach programs.

Giving Others a "Place to Be" - practicing the Golden Rule

Sarah Bell shares what she has learned about touching lives by living the Golden Rule.

Listen Up!

What are we listening to? It makes a difference!

How to Take the Stress out of Tests

Take the stress out of tests. Pray. Tell God what you need.

Use Tech to Spread Good

Here are ways to use social media to appreciate and help others and stop the hurt.

Conquering Drought

Even in times of drought and severe lack of water, we can turn to God for answers. It's God who blesses us, and gives us everything we need.

How We Practice Kindness

Practicing kindness is living the Golden Rule and loving others.

Pray for the World

Our prayers and thoughts make a big difference in world events.

Room to Give More — Finding New Friends, Inspiring Others

A woman's constant giving and loving attitude toward those around her is an inspiration.

An Act of Kindness

At the end of three-month journey around Europe, Corey Fedde was on a bus, tired, hungry, negative, when a woman showed him great kindness.

Serving Church through Music

Jeanne Sparks prepared students to play hymns in their own churches to serve God, others.

What's Really Important? The Big Fish

This Christmas what really matters is the Christ spirit—that absolute love that sees the good in others and refuses to get upset at the little things in life.

Caring for Others Can Change Lives: How One Young Man Was Freed from a Life in Gangs

Raised in fatherless, abusive home, the gang became a surrogate family for Mike Ritter. The care and love of teachers changed his life.

Friends Matter

As we grow up, our peers tend to have more influence on us than our parents. So it's vitally important that we make good friends.

What Can You Do For Others—A Focus on Giving

What can we do for others? Let's shift our focus from getting to giving.

Feeling Dad's Presence, Even After He's Gone

What do you do when you lose someone you love? Find out here how one teen found a way to get over grief and get back to expressing God after her Dad passed away.

Using What She Learned — God's Law of Harmony is in Effect

God's law of harmony is always in effect—so you can even pray about car trouble and whether to accept a job! Find out how one woman did just that.

When Someone Needs Help, Be There

What is an important part of being a Christian? Giving! Check out this thoughtful list of how you can help others.

Be an Influence for Good

Some might argue that doing the right thing all the time might be boring. But it's actually really fun! Learn how one Mom taught her kids to love to be good here.

Reinvigorating Church

Let the Holy Spirit run loose in your church! Let go of preconceived notions and connect deeply with your fellow church members.

Telling Our Story Empowers Us and Others

Do you want to be free of the past? Hearing others share their experiences gives you the strength to move on.

No-Limits — No Disabilities!

Are limits set in stone? Absolutely not! See how shifting to an attitude of positive expectation removes so-called limits.

Serving Others by Rehabilitating Horses

Why be happy? Because it's your (and everyone's) natural state! Find out how one woman uses this idea as she works with horses.

Attitude is Everything

Do traffic jams drive you crazy? Consider a change of attitude—and actually have fun as you inch along!

Let's Make an Effort

How can you be more satisfied with your life? Make sure it's God-centered!

The Impact of Moral Courage

What's moral courage? What are the benefits? Find out here.

Music's Power

Music can tangibly make you feel closer to your fellow man—and to God. It's a beautiful expression of the one Mind.

Take a Moment to Breathe and Listen

A mom and daughter stopped to be still, listen to wind in trees, express gratitude to God.

What Does Jesus' Life Mean to You?

What does Jesus' life mean to you? Take a moment to deeply consider this important question.

Prisoners Can Change and Become Successful Citizens. The SUMMIT program proves it.

Prisoners can change and become productive members of society. Just like each one of us, they just need someone to listen to them compassionately!

A Prayer that Leads to Love

Looking for love? Look no further than to God, who lovingly answers your prayers. Just ask Abraham's servant!

Using Our Talents

Feeling like you lack purpose? That you have nothing to contribute? Turn that around—God gives you special talents that you can use to bless others today.

Giving Prisoners the Opportunity to Nurture

While teaching prisoners how to nurture a garden, Mark learned that the opportunity to give can be transformative. Find out how he's working to improve prisoner's lives through gardening.

Applying the Lord's Prayer to Car Racing and Life

Unpack the Lord's Prayer, line by line, with this thoughtful peace. Revitalize the way you think about it!

Nourish Yourself with Backyard Farms Hungry Mother Organics and F.O.C.U.S.

Check out how F.O.C.U.S., a non-profit organization, is impacting its community through organic farming and so much more!

Let the Bible into Your Life: How to Make Bible Study Meaningful

How can you truly feel connected to the Bible in a deep, personal way?

Church Makes a Difference

How can church make a difference in your life? The community you gain there is invaluable in many ways.

Pray about Team Dynamics

Can prayer help when people aren't getting along well? Yes. Read how Adam prayed his way through grad school team projects.

Journalism that Blesses

The Christian Science Monitor is actively working to bless the world. How?

Be a Mother

Anyone can be a mother, in a way, because anyone can express the spiritual qualities of motherhood. What are these qualities?

A Rap Song Based on Paul's Letter to the Galatians

Yo, have you ever tried to rap about spiritual ideas? It's really fun! Ben gave it a try, and here's what he came up with.

Helping Others Blesses Us

When something gets lost—pray!

Let's Pray

What's more productive than worrying? Psst—it's also much more fun!

Impact of Education on Women in the United Arab Emirates

Don't shy away from challenges—embrace them, like these Middle Eastern women do.

Give the Best Gift

When considering what to give someone, don't just buy any old thing. Prayerfully consider it.

Spreading Good Defeats Gossip

Deciding not to engage in gossip transforms an annoying situation.

Helping a Destitute Woman Start a New Life

Helping women who have AIDS proves to be an uplifting experience.

Bullying Stopped by Love and Accountability

How can we create a bully-free environment?

Overcoming Negative Peer Pressure

Dealing with peer pressure? Find out how to overcome it lovingly.

Problem-Solving 101 from an Inventor

How can God help you solve problems? Mark shows how he prays while inventing.

Honoring a Dad, Loving as the Golden Rule Commands

How can the Golden Rule apply to family relationships? Here's one important example.

Teen Listens to Angel Messenger and Forgives Abusive Mother

Don't wait around—forgive now and be free! Find out how one forgave her abusive mother—and was deeply blessed, too!

Handling Bullying

When you pray, sometimes God sends you some wacky-sounding ideas. Find out how a college student creatively resolved a problem with his roommate.

Practice True Religion

What does it mean to be religious? Check out one teenager's take.

For Goodness Sake — Meeting a Community's Spiritual Needs

How can you support others on their spiritual journeys? One organization is doing it by offering a community space for learning and prayer.

The Playground Good Samaritan

If you're just a kid, can the Good Samaritan story have any relevance to your life? You bet!

The Power of Light

What's the impact of a single ray of light? Does it affect everything around it?

Fruitful Advice for Supporting Communities

Be grateful for a fruitful season now and always! A cornucopia device makes it memorable and fun.

See Friends — Not Habits! (My best friend ate erasers.)

How can you move from judgment to friendship? Kristen shows how it's done.

Have Confidence in God

Take a leap! You can be confident that God will always catch you.

Be Yourself — Don't Worry about Popularity!

Have you ever tried to be popular? That can feel so contrived. Instead, simply express your God-given qualities, and be at peace.

Free Yourself or Friends from Drugs

Do you or do you know someone who does drugs? How can you help yourself or him/her think about and heal this?

Seeing God Expressed…in Basketball Changed My Outlook on Life

Find out how a shift in Tiffany's thinking made her appreciate the opportunity to witness and be God's expression—no matter what she's up to!

The Golden Rule Defeats Gossip with Love

How can you apply the Golden Rule when people are gossiping? Allex fills you in.

Forgive! The Bible Helps Us

Why is forgiveness important? What are the benefits of forgiving?

Let God and Parents Help

God is always with us, no matter what, and God gives us tools to get out of whatever situation we're facing.

Love's Real Valentine

Single? Attached? It doesn't matter, either way—you can always express Love!

Judge Not! See God's Child and Forgive!

Follow the Golden Rule in daily life by loving, not judging, others (and yourself!).

Appreciate Family

Make sure you don't take your family for granted—parents and siblings are blessings to be grateful for!

Cast Your Vote Everyday

Choose: what are you voting for each moment—God or trouble? Think about it!

Making Ethical Decisions

How do you know if you're doing the right thing? How can we tell which decision is the best one? Bud shares his insights.

Persevere with God

The story of Gideon inspires a teenager to persevere during a challenging football season.

Prayerful Preparation = Awesome Results

A mountain climber completes a rigorous journey by fully relying on God. Sweet!!

Students Inspire Speaker

When a Sunday School invited Casey to be as a guest speaker, she didn't know what to expect. What she found were students who were super dedicated to God and healing all the time!

Finding a Father Figure

Josh gives gratitude for his high school coaches, who express pure fatherhood.

Finding a Home for her Child

A birth mother finds the perfect home for her child—and everyone rejoices!

Fear Conquered with the Help of a Friend

Don't let fear manipulate you! Marshall broke the cycle of fear and ended up enjoying his rock-climbing trip.

Inspiring the Spark Within

Just do your thing—you never know who's watching who will be inspired by your example!

Stopping Gossip

Hearing people gossip all the time can be so annoying! How can you put a stop to it?

Stand Up for What's Right: You'll Always Be a Winner!

When people are being exclusive, be like Daniel—stand up for what's right, no matter what.

On the Home Front

How can you support the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan? Send care packages!

Dave's Burning Bush

It's no coincidence when a hiker sees a beautiful sign from God.

Sharing Home

Did you know that opening up your home to others is a fun way of expressing God?

Picking Persimmons

Feeling overly busy? Open up your schedule to someone in need—you'll be so glad you did! You'll put a smile on both your faces.

Towing Stranded Boaters

Always choose to help if you see someone who needs it. You'll be fulfilling John's advice to "love one another."

Stranded on the Road to the Airport

The spirit of gratitude is in every act of kindness.

Time to Celebrate Fathers!

This Father's Day, how can you let your dad know you appreciate him in a meaningful way? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Time to Celebrate Mothers!

Focus in on loving your mom. Thoughtfully show your appreciation for all she has done for you. And if your relationship with her isn't doing that well right now, pray, pray, pray!

Practical Ways to Make "Brotherly Love Continue"

Be creative as you look for ways to help others! God will prepare the way for you since you have good motives.

Do God's Will — Love!

Sometimes loving your neighbor is easier said than done. But it's God's will—and you can do it, with His help!

Commit Daily to Progress

Do you have 10 minutes to dedicate to improving your life? Challenge yourself to stay committed to growing each day.

Pray for Our Governments World-Wide

Be a gentle listener as you pray about leaders in governments around the world.

Speak with Love!

Think about what tone of voice you use as you speak, and discipline yourself to always communicate love and compassion.

Ready, set … SHINE!

Don't let laziness, peer pressure, competition keep us from doing our best. Paul tells us to get to work; no excuses.

Have Confidence in God and Ourselves

Walk with confidence! It comes from God. Focus on giving, not receiving—it's much more fun!

Including Others

Focus on seeing the worthiness of everyone, and be inclusive.

Be Happy No Matter What — Do Everything with Joy!

Nothing can take away your joy—it comes from God!

Spread Freedom: Make Church, Christ, Central by Loving

Be free! Love abundantly in church and everywhere else you go.

Right Attitudes = Right Actions

Make a difference every day when you have the right attitude—it's infectious!

Write Letters about Your Life

Have you ever thought about your life as a letter

Participate in the Resurrection

Resurrection—it's not just for Jesus.

Step Out from the Crowd and Be Yourself

Give your life over to God—and be a rebel!

Express Creativity

Get creative—leap over those mental blocks, with God's help.

Make 3 Days Criticism Free

Don't let criticism get under your skin—and challenge yourself not to criticize anyone.

Find the Blessings this Christmas

In any situation, no matter what, there's good going on. Look for it.

Make November Kindness Month

Be kind—it seems like a simple idea, but it has profound results.

Help Those Affected by the Hurricanes

When disaster strikes, what can you do? Start with prayer.

September's School Survival Guide

Get your mindset right before starting any new endeavor—including a new school year.

Like Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi, Let's Write Our Own Recipes for Life

Listen up! Think about it—what are the key ingredients of your life?

Bible Magazines - Gain Spiritual Insight on Dating, Individuality, Community, Music, and More

Looking for some spiritual food for thought this summer? Check out some Bible-related teen magazines.

Like David, Daniel, and Jesus We Can Have the Courage to Stand Up for What's Right

How can you be more humble and courageous in your daily life?

Pay Attention to Joel and Amos

Open your heart to the Joel and Amos' wisdom.

Support Tsunami Relief and Pray

Take action to help those in need—whether that be in the form of donations, prayer, or ideally, both!

You Can be an Effective Leader Like Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

In ways big and small, everyone is a leader. How can you be a more effective one?

Take Care of Our Earth — Make the Best Choices

Have you ever thought about how the Golden Rule applies to taking care of the earth?

Live the Golden Rule Daily by Loving Others

What's your #1 priority? How about LOVE?

Express Christmas Love — Love Yourself and Others

Start with genuinely loving yourself—then loving others!

Write Thank You Letters

Take a few moments to sit down and write a thank you note. You'll be glad you did!

Strive for Wisdom — Start "Wisdom Circles"

Consider forming a wisdom circle to further your spiritual growth.

Pray for the World — Write and Share a Psalm

Pray for the world, then write your own psalm and share it with others.

Stand Up for Yourself, as Job Did

How can you be a better friend?

Be an Active Volunteer

Want to help, but don't know how? Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Be Like Jabez — Pray Big and Expect Answers

What do you want? Like Jabez, humbly take it to God.

Be a Prophet Like Elijah and Elisha

In tough situations, is God still all-powerful? Elijah and Elisha proved the answer to be a resounding "yes."

Like Samuel and Nathan, You Can Serve God and Help Others

Like Samuel and Nathan, you can listen to God and know just what to do—always.

Like David, Daniel, and Jesus We Can Have the Courage to Stand Up for What's Right

Don't give in to fear! Stand up for what's right and you will win.

Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

Resolve to put God first every day. Now that a resolution that's worth keeping!

Put the Christ Back in Christmas

Selflessly help others and remember the Christ at Christmastime.

Like Gideon, You Can Help Others

Gratitude is powerful! Let it overflow in your heart, which blesses others, too.

Like Joshua, Trust God Whole-Heartedly

Be a God-inspired leader, like Joshua.

How Can You Pray about Terrorism?

How can you pray about terrorism? Remember that God is always present—leaving no room for oppressors or victims.

How the Commandments Help Us

Amplify your understanding of the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th Commandments—they apply to your life in so many ways!

Be Truly Free this Independence Day

Celebrate freedom by giving freely!

What's So Important about Integrity

Having a strong sense of integrity is incredibly important, Joseph found—and you will, too!

Forgiveness Takes Courage

Asking for forgiveness takes courage, but it brings amazing results!

Serve Others with Humility

Humbly make a difference in your community. Start now!

Persistence Brings Lasting Rewards

Don't give up! Be persistent when the going gets tough.

You Can Be a Peacemaker

Like Abraham, be a peacemaker!

Simple Things Make a Difference

Helping others doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming. Here are some simple ways you can give.