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Paul and Women

Did Paul really put down women? Many of my friends say he did and they come back with passages that sound like it. But for some reason, I don't think he did. What can I say to them?

Finding Satisfaction

I've recently begun to realize how much more I have compared to peers in less developed countries. With that said, I always want more. Why is this?

How Do I Trust God?

How do I trust God or have faith? I don't want to be disappointed if things don't work out.

Prom Season

It's prom season, and I haven't been asked to the dance. I'm feeling down. What can I do, and how do I pray?


How do you stop procrastinating?

Pray for Peace

There is so much violence in the world right now. What can we do?

Addressing Boredom

I don't have much going on this summer, and I get so bored sometimes. What should I do?

Gratitude Heals Depression

How can I be grateful when I don't feel that I have anything to be grateful for?

How to Make Friends

Do you have any ideas on how to make new friends without stressing out about it?

Responding to Differences

How do we respond to people who are either different or doing things we don't agree with?

Dealing with Emotions

How can we deal with intense emotions?

Confidence When Performing

What can I do to gain more confidence, especially for performances?

Dealing with Stress

How do you deal with stress?

Prayer While Sailing the World

Mike Ritter, sailed around the world. Did he run into weather challenges? Does he have any insights to share from being out on the water so long?

Overcoming Obstacles

How do you overcome obstacles or setbacks?

How to Study

How do I focus on studying when there's so much going on at school?

Why Pray?

Why pray? It doesn't seem to make a difference.

Family Tension on Trips

Whenever my family takes a trip together, we always seem to argue. How can I help stop that?

Boston Marathon Bombing

How do we live without fear when there's so much violence and terrorism, like the Boston Marathon bombing?

Avoiding Arguments

How do we avoid getting into arguments with family members?

Addressing Fear

What happens when fear takes hold of a group?

New School, New Friends

I'm new at school, and right now I could probably hang out with any group. I like being with all different kinds of kids. But I feel like that if I don't hang out with the popular kids, I won't meet any pretty girls. What should I do?

Christian Journey

I was on fire when I became a Christian but now I feel empty and alone. What happened to me? What do I do now?

Talking to God

Why should I talk to God when it feels like God isn't helping me?

Election Results

How do you deal with election results?

Overcoming Frustration

How do you overcome frustration?

Missing a Parent

My dad's gone a lot, traveling for work, and I know he has to go, but I miss him. Any thoughts to help?

Feeling at Home

I've been away at school, and now school seems more like home than home. I'm having a hard time adjusting to being home again. Any thoughts?

Handling the Bad

How do we handle the bad stuff that happens to us?

Dealing with Nerves

How do you deal with nerves when you perform?

Why Jacob Took the Blessing

Why was it such a big deal for Jacob to take the blessing? Hadn't Esau already sold his birthright?

Why Jesus Cried Out

Why did Jesus cry, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" right before he died on the cross?

Isaac's Blessing

Why doesn't Isaac just take back the blessing once he realizes that he's blessed the wrong son — that is, Jacob rather than Esau?

The Importance of Camels

What was so special about camels that Abraham's servant prayed that the girl who Isaac should marry would water his camels?

Archaeological Digs

What's it like to go on an archaeological dig?

Sarai's and the Surrogate Mother

Since it was socially acceptable for Sarai (Sarah) to use her slave girl as a surrogate mother, why did it cause such a mess? Are there any lessons for us today?

Why Sarai Chose Hagar

What's behind the whole business of Sarai (Sarah) telling her husband Abram (Abraham) to have a child with her maidservant?

Women Prophets

Are there any women prophets in the Bible?

Abigail the Diplomat

How did Abigail keep David from killing her husband, Nabal?

Discover the Ten Commandments

What is the significance of the Ten Commandments?

Peer Pressure

What if you give in to peer pressure? How do you get back on track?

Making Wise Decisions

How can we be sure to make wise decisions?

The Importance Honesty

How important is it to be honest?

Dealing with Betrayal

How do you deal with betrayal?

Paul's Source of Strength, Part II

Why does Paul say, "When I am weak, then I am strong" (2 Cor 12:10)?

Paul's Source of Strength, Part I

Why does Paul say, "When I am weak, then I am strong" (2 Cor 12:10)?

A Modern Parable

Jesus told lots of parables to explain the kingdom of heaven. What could be a modern-day story that could help us understand the kingdom better?

Gifts of the Magi's

What is the significance of the magi's gifts to Jesus?


Why did John the Baptist ask Jesus if he was the Messiah?

Sport Anxiety

How do you deal with fear or anxiety when you're playing a sport?

Poor Decisions

We're often tempted to blame others. How do you recover from a poor decision?

Impressing Others

How can we resist the temptation to impress others — to show off or act in a way that's unlike ourselves?

Living Unselfishly

How do you live unselfishly and care for others without losing yourself?

Sibling Jealousy

What can help me deal with feeling jealous of a sibling?

Maintaining Individuality

How do you maintain individuality without being afraid of being judged or unpopular for not conforming?

Keeping the Faith

How do you persevere, keep the faith, and not give up in the wake of natural disasters, especially when recovery takes so long?

Religion and Spirituality

Is spirituality found in religion? Is it found in just a single religion, or can it be found through a combination of religions somewhere else?

Faith vs. Religion

Are faith and religion the same?

Helping Siblings

How can we help a younger sibling (or any child) do the right thing and talk to her in a way she'll understand?

Two Nativity Stories

How can we reconcile the differences in the nativity stories found in Matthew and Luke?

Surviving Freshman Year

The college environment presents lots of social challenges. What ideas can help me find my way and survive freshman year?


How do we forgive people who have hurt us?

Being Beautiful

How do you know when you are beautiful?

New School Fears

Sometimes it seems scary to go to a new school. How do you deal with the fears?

Pressure to do Drugs

How do you deal with pressure to do drugs?

Different Beliefs

When you are surrounded by a lot of different people who have different beliefs than you have, and a problem occurs, how do you respond?

Going to Church

Why should I go to church?

Dealing with Enemies

How do you deal with enemies?

Peer Pressure

How do you stand up for something that's right when your peers are pressuring you to do the wrong thing?

Feeling Overwhelmed

When schedules get busy and busier, how do we keep focused and not get overwhelmed?

Being Yourself

Why should I be myself when I want to be someone different?

Teenage Peer Pressure

How do pre-teens and teenagers deal with peer pressure?

Election Concerns

How can we think or pray about the upcoming elections both before and after, especially if we're concerned about the outcome?

Why Lying is Wrong

Why is it wrong to lie or to deceive?

Handling Self-Doubt

How do you get rid of self-doubt when you don't feel good enough for your friends?

Withholding Judgment

It's so hard not to judge others based on appearances. How can we stop it?

Forever Forgiving

I am having problems forgiving a person who, after I forgive him, turns around and does something else bad. I feel that I am being taken for granted. Am I forgiving too easily or too much? Is there a limit?

Stopping Jealousy

I don't like it when I feel jealous of others or others feel jealous of me. How do you stop jealousy?

Deciding to Trust

By nature, I am a trusting person, but I don't want to be taken advantage of. So how do you know who to trust?


Is swearing really that big of a deal?

What to Wear

Does what I choose to wear really matter? What message do clothes send?

Dealing with Gossip

Why does everyone gossip, and how can we deal with it?

Handling Stress

How do you deal with stressful situations when you don't feel good enough to overcome them?


What can I do if I don't feel I measure up to my parents' expectations?

Being Unselfish

Why is it so important to lead an unselfish life? What are the benefits?

Pulling Your Weight

I'm the one that always does the work, while my younger sibling goofs off. But my parents don't seem to notice, and I'm tired of my brother getting away with everything and my parents not noticing what I'm doing for the family. I feel jealous of my brother. What can I do?

Tough Forgiveness

How or why do you forgive someone who doesn't seem to deserve forgiveness?

True Self-Image

How do you have a good self-image in the face of so many deceptive images of beauty and worth promoted by the media?

Finding Self-Confidence

How do you find the right amount of self-confidence?

Always Kind

How or why should you be kind to someone you really don't like?

Keeping Individuality

How can you keep your individuality and still fit in and have friends when people judge you on appearances?

Above Bullying

I don't like it when people pick on others, degrade them, or are out to get others — but it happens so often. Can one person really make a difference and change the situation?

Defusing Anger

How do you deal with anger? Should you forgive and forget?

Complete Without Drugs

Even though steroids are illegal for athletic competition, so many athletes use them. What's so wrong with using them to build up your strength?

Praying About Poverty

Poverty is still a major issue throughout the world. Are there any Bible passages that can help me pray about poverty?

Let Your Light Shine

What do you do when your siblings are not as into God as you are? When you just get saved at church camp, how do you go home and deal with your friends at school, because I have friends who are "Christians," but they aren't as fired up with Christ as I am?

Finding a Balance

How do you balance sports and academics?

Armor From Judgment

I am in high school, and I struggle everyday with the feeling that people are judging me. It has really started to affect me. I have some days when I can't go without crying multiple times. I had an incident when someone wrote a hurtful letter judging me and the way I dress. I always try to tell myself not to react, but I can't help it. What insight can you give me?

Fitting In

How do we handle discouragement over not fitting in?

God Before Weight

It seems so many people are either overweight or underweight. Is there a right way to think about food so that it doesn't control us?

Trusting God

Why should I follow God when He doesn't give me enough of an explanation?

God's Comfort Through Change

How do I deal with not wanting to move to a new place and go to a new school?

Hearing God's Voice

When suggestions or thoughts come to you take your life, what can you do?

Resist Temptation

How do you handle (or why should we even try to resist) the temptations to have sex, drink, steal, etc?

True to Yourself

Why is it so important to be yourself, even when people don't (or won't) appreciate you for being different?

Appreciate Each Day

How can I make every week not seem so long and pointless?

Dealing with Criticism

How do you deal with criticism?

Loving Your Parents

What do you do when you feel that your parents don't know what's best for you in the long run?

Finding Inspiration

How can I find ideas when I have no inspiration to write a paper?

Helping a Friend

When a friend comes to you with a problem, how can you help him or her when you aren't sure what to say?

Dealing with Bullies

It seems like we deal a lot with bullies in school. If you bully others, why should you stop? And if you're being bullied, how do you deal with it?

Confronting Ego

How do you deal with ego?

Importance of Confidence

Why do people say that confidence is so important for teenagers?

Making Right Decisions

How do you make the right decisions, especially when you think you really want something but are not sure if that's what you really need?

Saying No

Peer pressure comes up in most of our lives, so how do you say, "No"?

Finding Happiness

How can we be happy when there are so many problems in high school?


What does the Bible say about forgiveness? Is it important to forgive?

Exercising Dominion

The Bible says that God created mankind to "have dominion…over every living thing." What exactly does that mean in relation to how we treat our earth?

Breaking Stereotypes

How do you break stereotypes and make new friends when others make fun of you for reaching beyond the "accepted" circle?

Want vs. Need

How do we know if what we want is really what we need?

Respecting Your Teacher

What do you do and how do you work when a teacher doesn't like you?

Holy Ground

A question about Moses not entering the promised land.

Handling Abuse

I'm tired of dealing with putdowns from my boyfriend. When he gets angry, he hits me and shoves me into the wall or into a car. How should I handle this abuse?

Be Happy Again

Am I ever going to feel happy again? I feel like all I do is paste a fake smile on in the morning, let it all out at night, and then start all over.

"Moses' Sin"

Please tell me what exactly is "Moses' sin." Was it killing the Egyptian when he was younger, or the revolt of the Levi tribe toward the end? What reason kept him out of the Promised Land?

Interracial Relationships

Is there anything in the Bible about interracial relations or anything of the sort? I am going through a huge crisis because my parents think that it is against God's word that I would have an intimate relationship with a black male.

College Rejection

I didn't get accepted into the college of my choice, and now I'm really bummed. How do I deal with rejection?

A Better Student

How can you become a better student?

Why the Bible is Graphic

Why is the Bible so graphic at times?

Beyond Stereotypes

How do you break stereotypes and make new friends when others make fun of you for reaching beyond the "accepted" circle?

Israelites and Midianites

What are the Midianites enslaving the children of Israel around Gideon's time?

Evidence of Jesus

What if Jesus never lived? Wouldn't that mean all of this is just a hoax?

God's Love for Man

Does God really care about us?

Good Friends

How do you make good friends? And when you do make friends, how do you know if you can trust them?

Finding Motivation

How do you motivate yourself to do things you don't really want to do but you should do?

Water in the Desert

How do you find water in a desert? How did the Children of Israel find water in a desert?

God is Talking

How do you know what's right to do in different situations? How do you know it's God who's talking to you?

The Nature of God

In reference to the question, "Does God exist?" I'd like to learn more about the nature or concept of God.

Biblical Life Spans

Why did life spans of people go down when the flood happened?

Evidence of God

How do we know God exists?

Handling Personality

I was wondering how to deal with people who speak in a harsh or unkind way unjustly, especially in the work field.

God-Given Beauty

We want to appear nice — look good, dress appropriately, have a good image. But how do you not get caught up in appearances and expectations and still not seem out-of-date, behind the times, or out-of-place?

Your True Identity

How can I feel good about myself when I don't like the way I look?