A Paul-A-Thon

Categories: Paul

How much do you know about Paul? Create index cards with questions about Paul. Students can be divided into two teams or stand individually. The team or person with the most correct answers wins. As teams, they can use the Bible and help each other find the information. Sample questions to get you started:

  • What was Paul's name before he became a Christian?
  • What happened to Paul on his way to Damascus?
  • Who talked to him on the way?
  • Who did the angel ask to help Paul receive his sight?
  • Was he willing to heal Paul?
  • What was Paul's favorite story to tell?
  • Name three of Paul's friends. How many times was he in prison?
  • How did people respond to his message?
  • Why did people want to kill him?
  • Add your own and have fun learning about Paul. Start out reading some of the stories about Paul before you ask the questions.