Build an Ark Out of an Old Shoe Box

Categories: Noah

Ask them to build an ark out of an old shoe box and bring it to class next week.

  • Have the children show their arks.
    • Where would the animals go?
    • Where would Noah and his family stay?
    • How many were in Noah's family?
  • Take the list of qualities that Noah had and write them on slips of paper.
    • Discuss the qualities and let the children put them into the ark.
      • Example: Noah was patient. Put patience into the ark.
      • Noah was obedient. Put obedience into the ark.
      • Waterproof the ark with the qualities that will make a perfect voyage.
  • After Noah built the ark, what did God ask him to do?
    • Gather animals?
    • How many?
    • What kinds?
  • Have the children draw pictures of the animals or give them cut outs of animal pictures or get stickers of animals from a teacher's school store.
    • Now have them arrange where they would place animals in the ark to keep them safe from bigger animals.
    • Let them explain why they are placing them on one of the three floors.
    • Discuss safety
      • What made Noah and his family safe?
      • What made the animals safe?