Commandment Review

Categories: Moses, Ten Commandments (1-5), Ten Commandments (6-10)

Take 3x5 cards and put words, phrases, questions or stories that will prompt the reader to think of specific commandments.

  1. How many commandments might you possibly break if you disobey # 8? [6,7,9,10, 1]
  2. King David broke these commandments….[1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10?]
  3. Are video games graven images? If so, which commandment might you break by spending too much time playing them? [2]
  4. How many gods do you worship? [1]
  5. Being "green" with envy fits which commandment? [10]
  6. What are we to do on the Sabbath? [4th commandment – rest]
  7. If you aren't careful in a court of law, which commandments could you break? [3, 9]
  8. Who are we to honor and which commandment must we obey? [5]
  9. Life is essential in which commandment? [6]
  10. Which commandment is the hardest for you to obey?
  11. Which commandment is the easiest for you to obey?
  12. What is the 2nd commandment?
  13. Recite the 1st commandment.
  14. Does "Oh gosh" break the 3rd commandment -- why or why not?
  15. Why do you think God wanted us to rest?
  16. Why do you think we need a commandment to remember to honor our parents?
  17. What are the first four commandments about?
  18. What are the last six commandments about?
  19. What happens to our relationships if we break commandments 5-10?
  20. If you could add one more commandment, what would it be?