Comparison Grid of Jesus' Parables

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  • Printable Blank Grid to Use in Your Sunday School Class (PDF)
  • What is a parable? [According to George Lamsa, it is an “oral picture,” which helps people remember what has been said. Trench states: “The parable is constructed to plant a seed of spiritual truth. To illustrate, prove, make clearer the spiritual facts with a lively image, creating a powerful impression for the awakening of man to the consciousness of the Divine.”
  • Why did Jesus tell so many?
  • What kinds of subjects did he use?

Create a grid the parables and list the book where the parable is found.


Jesus' Parables
Parable of... What was the message? Who was the audience? How would you use this parable today? Found in which Gospels?
Sower and seed Need to see types of soil as types of living and thinking. Seeds on the path – no root. Are we paying attention? Seeds on stony place – "yes, but" thinking Seeds among thorns – what priorities choke out our time with God? Farmers, people who worked the fields and knew types of soil. I'd see what keeps me from being faithful to God everyday. I can be a "yes, but" person. Yes, I believe in God, but what about this and this? Often my to-do list doesn't include God, which leads to thorns choking out my commitment. Matt. 13:3-23 Mark 4:2-20
Luke 8:4-15


After you've created a grid and placed all the parables in each one, which Gospel has the most parables? Which one has the fewest? Why is that?