Create Picture Grams of Proverbs

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Create picture grams of your own proverbs as well as the ones in the Bible.

The following exercise works well for little children who relate better to pictures than to the words themselves. For older students, skip the use of the pictures and work on the words of practicality for their proverbs. You might want to create a bulletin board in the Sunday School with their proverbs. Ask the older students to create the design for the bulletin board. Older students can also find proverbs or other Bible verses for the younger classes to use for this exercise.

Write your statement and then replace some of the words with pictures that mean the same thing.


Trust in the Lord with all your Prov. 3:5

Be not wise in your own Prov. 3:7

God guides the (path) of those who are honest.

Create your own pictures. Make a picture and put it over the word it represents.

For example above we put for the word "eyes."

Here are some statements for you to play with:

  • A happy heart makes a face look cheerful.
  • A good name is greater than riches.
  • Anyone who plants evil gathers a harvest of trouble.
  • Have a pure and loving heart, and speak kindly. Then you will be a friend of the king.
  • The eyes of the Lord are everywhere.
  • The houses of those who do what is right hold great wealth.
  • The lips of wise people spread knowledge.
  • By wisdom a house is built.
  • Eat honey, my child. It is good.
  • Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not turn away from it.

Now find some Bible verses from other books of the Bible to make your own Bible picture grams.