Dinah Facts for 3-8 Year Olds

Categories: Jacob

  • Dinah is the seventh child and only daughter of Jacob and Leah.
  • No explanation is given for her name.
  • There is a story about her in Genesis 34.
  • Her family lives in Shechem.
  • One day Dinah goes out by herself.
  • “Shechem, son of the ruler of that area, sees her.”
  • He takes her home and forces himself upon her.
  • Afterwards he is very sorry and wants her for his wife.
  • She stays with him while he goes to her family.
  • Dinah needs the approval of her father to marry anyone.
  • Shechem is willing to do anything.
  • Unfortunately, Dinah’s brothers intervene and wipe out the whole town.
  • They take Dinah back home with them.
  • Some people think Dinah later became the wife of Job.
  • Others think she is sent to Egypt where Potiphera adopts her. That makes her the mother of Asenath, the woman who marries Joseph.
  • Sadly, Dinah’s words about her situation are never recorded.