Abraham's Sacrifice of Isaac (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Holy Land Tours (Games/Stories)

Read Genesis 22:1-19

  • What was Abraham thinking when he was willing to sacrifice his son?
  • Why did Abraham think God told him to sacrifice his son? [It was not uncommon for people to feel they were visited by God in a dream. When Abraham woke up, he thought it was God telling him to sacrifice his son. The customs of the region in which he lived did human sacrifice. This must have placed overwhelming pressure on him. He may have felt the peer pressure to go along with the custom.]
  • How many days did it take to get to Moriah?
  • What do you think Isaac was thinking during all of this?
  • Why didn’t Isaac just run away? What stopped Abraham from killing Isaac?
  • What did Abraham sacrifice instead?
  • What does it mean that we’ll always have a ram in a thicket?
  • Do we believe in blood sacrifices today?