Achan (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Joshua

Read Joshua 7

  • What did Achan do wrong? (Josh 7:1) [They weren't supposed to take anything in the destruction of Jericho. Achan took something. He was disobedient. ]
  • What did Achan take? (Josh. 7:21)
  • Joshua sent spies to Ai. What did they report this time? (Josh. 7:3-4)
  • Do you think they were overconfident?
  • How many men did Joshua send into battle? (osh.7:4)
  • What happened? (Josh.7:5)
  • Why do you think the Children of Israel lost this battle?
  • Did Achan's disobedience have anything to do with their loss?
  • What are God's instructions to Joshua?(Josh. 7: 8-15)
  • Why do you think God made Joshua do this in front of all the people?· What did they do to Achan? (Josh. 7:22-26)
  • Was that too harsh a penalty?· What is the lesson to be learned from this experience?·
  • Are they allowed to keep the spoils of war this time? (Josh 8:2)
  • How many men does Joshua take the second time he battles Ai? (Josh 8:3)
  • What kind of an ambush did Joshua prepare for the armies of Ai? (Josh 8:5-22)
  • What happens when the Israelites do battle with Ai this time? (Josh 8:23-25)