Adam Dreamer (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Creation

Read Genesis 2:4-4

  • Why does the first chapter of Genesis through Gen 2:3 speak of "God" and then switch to "Lord, God" in Gen 2:4?
  • Is it plausible for people to be created from dust?
  • When writers talk about the Adam dream, what are they talking about? [Gen 2:21 talks about Adam being put to sleep]
  • Can you find anywhere in Genesis that Adam ever woke up?
  • If he didn't wake up, what was Eve? The serpent? The expulsion from the garden? Cain and Abel's offerings and result?
  • Why do you think two creation stories are listed?
  • Would you spend time talking to a snake?
  • What did the serpent look like when it talked to Eve, since the penalty imposed on it was to slither in the dust? Did the serpent walk before that time?
  • How does the second "creation story" depict God? [man-like]
  • Which creation do you most identify with and why?
  • Is there more than one creation? [NO!]
  • What is the first sin? [disobedience?]
  • Why is the first sin attributed to Adam?
  • Why is obedience to God so important?
  • How do you obey God?