Daniel (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Power of Prayer, Putting God First

Read Daniel 6

  • What kind of a man was Daniel?
  • Why were the princes jealous of Daniel?
  • What was in the law the King signed?
  • What did the princes catch Daniel doing?
  • Did Daniel try to hide the fact that he was praying?
  • Do you think the king wanted Daniel to die?
  • Why or why not? Why couldn't the King sleep?
  • How did Daniel handle the lions?
  • What do you think his prayer was like?
  • Talk about the types of lions' dens.
  • What would be a modern day lions' den?
  • What kinds of situations are similar to Daniel being fingered for praying to his God?
  • How did Daniel face down fear?
  • Read through the Psalms and select some that Daniel might have used while in the lions' den.
    • Example: Ps 143:9 Deliver me, O Lord, from mine enemies: I flee unto thee to hide me.