Elijah Goes to Heaven (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Elijah and Elisha

Read 2 Kings 2:1-18

  • What is Elijah preparing to do?

The sons of the prophets know he is getting ready to leave earth. Elijah is not planning on dying. Even after he left, they could find no evidence of a dead body.

  • What did Elijah do to the river Jordan?
  • Why is this significant?
  • Can you remember any other times in Bible history when someone parted a body of water?
    • Red Sea
    • Jordan (when the Children of Israel go into Canaan)
    • Others?
  • What does Elisha ask Elijah for? (A double portion of his spirit)
  • What does that mean?
  • Under what conditions will Elisha receive a double portion?
  • What does this experience tell us about the importance of watchfulness?
  • Did Elisha receive a double portion?
  • How did Elisha "test" whether or not he had the ability to be a prophet like Elijah? (He used Elijah's cloak and parted the Jordan river.)
  • Do you ever test God?