Eli's Sons and the Ark of the Convenant (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Hannah and Samuel

Read I Samuel 4

This story is more suited to older children. The story of Samuel responding to God's call begins his role as a prophet. God tells him he's not happy with the behavior of Eli's sons. Eli wants to know what God has told Samuel. Samuel relates the gory details of what will happen to Eli's sons. Then Eli's sons do something very foolish. They take the Ark of the Covenant to use as a weapon against the Philistines.

  • What is the Ark of the Covenant?
  • Why was it so important not to touch the Ark?
  • Who was the only person allowed into the Holy of Holies where the Ark of the Covenant was kept? (the priest - Eli)
  • What's in the Ark? (Ten Commandments)
  • What happens to Eli's sons? (They are killed in the battle and the Ark is stolen.)
  • What does this news do to Eli? (He drops dead on the spot. - I Sam 4:14-18)
  • How many are familiar with the movie, "The Raiders of the Lost Ark?"
  • What is the premise of the story?
  • Do you remember how everything was booby-trapped to keep people from getting close to the ark?
  • What happens when the Philistines take the ark? (I Sam 5)
  • Who is Dagon? (the national god of the Philistines)
  • How is the story of the Philistines and the ark similar to the story of "The Raiders of the Lost Ark?"
  • Do you think the movie writers got the background of the movie from the Bible?
  • What happens when they send the Ark away? (I Sam 6-7)
  • What do you learn from this experience?