Ephesus - Part 2 (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Early Christian Church, Holy Land Tours (Games/Stories), Paul

Read Acts 19:8-12; 13-20; 23-41;Revelation 2:1-7

  • What was Paul's mission in Ephesus?
  • What kinds of resistance did he receive?
  • How long did Paul stay in Ephesus?
  • Who was Tyrannnus?
  • Why did people try to acquire one of Paul's handkerchiefs or aprons?
  • How many sons did Sceva have?
  • Describe the activity of the sons of Sceva.
  • What is exorcism?
  • What did the evil spirit say to the sons?
  • After this incident, what did those that practiced magic do?
  • The Bible says the people were "awestruck." How might you have reacted if you saw the evil spirit jump on the sons?
  • What do you learn from this story?
  • What caused the riots in Ephesus?
  • Who was Diana?
  • Why did some of the people prefer Diana to Jesus Christ?
  • Who was Demetrius? Why did he call the silversmiths together?
  • Which commandment(s) is/are broken by the silversmiths' work?
  • What did the people do to two of Paul's companions?
  • How was the situation resolved?
  • What kind of courage does it take to be a peacemaker?
  • What is the famous shrine in Ephesus?
  • What is the meaning of "they left their 'first love'"?
  • Why is love so important in a Christian's life?