Food in the Wilderness (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Moses, Obedience

Read Exodus 16-19
  • What do the Children of Israel complain about next? [Ex. 16: 2-3]
  • How does God answer their complaint? [Ex. 16:11-16]
  • What is manna? [Manna means "what is it?"]
  • What do we learn about this food plan from God?
  • When the Children of Israel arrived in Rephidim, what did they complain about this time? [Ex 17:2-3]
  • Is this a tour group you would want to join?
  • A big battle takes place between the Israelites and the Amalekites. How is the battle won? [Ex 17: 8-12] (This is one of my favorite stories in the Bible. It encourages us all to hold each other's hands up until we have the victory. It bears repeating. Ask the students to tell their parents about Aaron and Hur helping Moses hold up his hands.)
  • You might ask the students to hold their arms in the air for awhile to see how difficult it is. Then ask someone to help hold up someone else's hands.
  • What advice did Jethro give Moses? [Ex. 18: 15-27]
  • What does that tell us?
  • What was the smoke all about on Mt. Sinai? [Ex. 19]
  • What did your parents say when you told them the story of Aaron and Hur holding up Moses' hands?
  • What does it mean to hold up each other's hands?
  • Have you ever had to help someone in your family?