The Good Samaritan (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Holy Land Tours (Games/Stories)

Read Luke 10: 30-37

Ask the class to tell the story of the Good Samaritan or read it together from Luke 10:25-37.

  • Who challenged Jesus?
  • What are the two great commandments?
  • How does Jesus define "neighbor"?
  • Who is our neighbor?
  • Is the Good Samaritan another way of showing the Golden Rule in action?
  • What kind of story does Jesus tell the lawyer? (parable)
  • Look at the characters in the story: the priest, the Levite, the Samaritan, the man who was beaten.
    • Who might these people be today?
      • What if the injured person were someone from a different ethnic group than you? Would you stop to help?
      • Why do you think the two Jews walked away from him?
      • Describe the Samaritan.
      • Why was it so unusual for him to stop and tend to the man's wounds?
      • What if the injured man was from Israel? The United States?
      • And what if the Samaritan were a Palestinian? Iraqi?
        • Would you expect the man from Palestine (Iraq) to stop and help?
      • What did the lawyer learn from this parable?
      • What lessons did you learn from this parable?
      • How can we all express more compassion and care for one another?
      • Does loving your neighbor as yourself help explain the Golden Rule?
      • Why is it important for us to be willing to help others?