Jacob and Esau Meet Again (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Esau, Jacob

Read Genesis 33
  • Discuss how Esau must have felt about all the herds coming toward him.
  • If this were a military operation, what do you notice that Jacob did?
    • How many different groups did he send? (five distinct groups of animals arriving in succession)
    • Was this done to wear down Esau's surprise attack? There's no hope of an ambush with droves of animals moving noisily with them.
    • Having to deal with five groups would wear down Esau's army.
  • Was Jacob trying to outwit Esau or appease him?
    • With Jacob's servants joining Esau's band of 400 men, they wouldn't know who is who in the group.
  • Why do you think Esau had 400 men with him?
  • Was he coming to confront or forgive Jacob?
  • How did Esau greet Jacob?
  • What did Esau ask Jacob?
  • Did Esau need all those gifts?
  • When Esau says he has enough, he means enough material things.
  • When Jacob says he has enough, he means everything – spiritually as well.
  • If Jacob hadn't seen God face to face would he have been able to truly see Esau face to face?