Jacob Leaves His Home (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Esau, Jacob

Read Genesis 28
  • Where did Jacob go to sleep?
  • Have you ever used a rock for a pillow?
  • Have you found it tough to go to sleep if you've done something wrong?
  • What is a "guilty conscience?"
  • What happened when Jacob fell asleep?
  • What did he see?
  • Have you ever talked with an angel?
  • What did these angels ascending and descending a ladder represent? [God's messages flowing to Jacob's consciousness.]
  • Does Jacob say anything about a dream when he awakes? [No.]
  • What does he talk about?
  • Why does he appear surprised that God was there? [Remember the guilty conscience?]
  • What does God's presence tell Jacob?
  • Does God only love us when we are good?
  • What does this experience do for Jacob?
  • What does Jacob promise God before leaving Bethel?[Gen. 28:20-22]