Jeremiah (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Jeremiah

Read Jeremiah

  • Who was the author of Jeremiah?
  • Why was the book written?
  • What is special about this book?
  • Describe Jeremiah’s call to prophecy. (Jer 1:4-19)
  • Did Jeremiah want to be a prophet?
  • List some verses from Isaiah that would be helpful in your life?
  • Jeremiah talks about figs in chapter 24.
    • Was Jeremiah talking about fruit or something else?
    • Why do you think God’s children were so reluctant to be good?
      • Do you think people in our world have a problem being good?
      • How can we be better?
    • Israel had been told by many prophets to shape up.
      • Why do you think they resisted following God?
      • Do you ever resist listening to God? Why or why not?