Jesus' Birth (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Jesus' Birth

Read Luke 2:1-7

  • Where were Mary and Joseph traveling?
  • How far was Bethlehem from Nazareth? (80 miles)
  • Figure out 80 miles from your home – how long would it take you to walk that distance?
  • Why were they going to Bethlehem?
  • Do we have to do anything like that today?
  • Where did they stay when they arrived?
  • Where was Jesus born? [in the stable under the second floor of a house]
  • What did Mary wrap him in?
  • What are swaddling clothes?
  • Do we wrap babies in anything like that today?
  • What did they use for a bed for Jesus?
  • Who sang at Jesus’ birth?
  • Why was it important for anyone to sing at Jesus’ birth? [customary for neighbors to sing at a boy’s birth, not girls]
  • Who came to visit Jesus?
  • Why were these visitors important?