Jonathan and David's Friendship (Discussion Questions)

Categories: David, Friendship

Read 1 Samuel 20

  • Who was David's best friend?
  • How do David and Jonathan get acquainted?
  • What is Jonathan's plan to save David if Saul tries to kill David? (I Samuel 20:12-23)
  • Is Jonathan being disloyal to his father, Saul? Why or why not?
  • Why does King Saul want to kill David?
  • What is jealousy?
  • How do we keep ourselves and others from being jealous?
  • Which commandment does jealousy break?
  • Define "friendship."
    • What qualities are necessary to make a good friend?
    • Describe your best friend?
    • How do you decide to be someone's friend?
    • Are you a good friend?