Joseph in Prison (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Family, Joseph

Read Genesis 40

  • What kind of a person was Joseph?
  • He is sold as a slave and becomes second in the household of Potiphar. He is thrown in prison and is put in charge of the prisoners. What does this tell us about Joseph?
  • Name two prisoners in jail with Joseph. (Gen. 40:1)· What did they do wrong?
  • Who did Joseph say was responsible for interpreting the dreams? (Gen. 40:8)
  • How is this response different from when he told his brother about his dreams?
  • Describe the dream of the butler. What did Joseph tell him about his dream? (Gen. 40:9-13)· What did Joseph ask the butler to do? (Gen. 40:14-15)
  • Describe the dream of the baker. What did Joseph tell him about his dream? (Gen. 40:16-19)
  • Were Joseph's interpretations correct?
  • Why does it seem as though Joseph was denied justice?
  • Have you ever felt unjustly accused of doing something wrong?
    • If so, how did you deal with it?
    • Did you complain?
    • Pray about it?
    • Fight?