Josiah Discovers the Law (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Joash, Josiah, and Jehoshaphat

Read 2 Chronicles 34-35

  • Who ruled the land because Josiah was too young? (High Priest Hilkiah)
  • How old was Josiah when he began to reign? (16)
  • What did Josiah do for the Temple? (cleaned it and got rid of the idols)
  • What was discovered in the clean up of the Temple? (A scroll of the law)
  • What was this scroll? (the book of the law)
  • Who wrote this scroll? (Moses)
  • What rules were associated with this scroll? (to be read once every seven years to all the people)
  • Why was Josiah concerned about the reading of the law? (They had spent years breaking the law because they didn't know it. They had broken the first and second commandments by having idols in the Temple. He was afraid of punishment. Because he was repentant he and the people were spared.)