Judges - For Older Children (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Judges

Read Judges 1:1-3:31

  • How long after Joshua did it take the Israelites to forget God?
  • What caused them to forget God?
  • Is trying to please a family member a good reason to ignore God?
  • Did God forget His children?
  • To whom did God speak? [Othniel]
  • To whom was Othniel related? [Caleb, one of the two spies rewarded with part of the Promised Land]
  • Did the people listen to judge Othniel? [yes]
  • Who was Ehud? [He was considered the second deliverer or judge]
  • Why did Ehud come to the rescue?
  • Which king did Ehud destroy?
  • To which tribe did Ehud belong? [Benjamin]
  • For how many years were the Israelites free from their enemies after Ehud delivered them? [80 years]