Marriage to Leah and Rachel (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Esau, Jacob

Genesis 29:16-30
  • What happened on Jacob's wedding night?
  • Why did Laban do that to Leah, Rachel, and Jacob?
  • How do you think Rachel felt? Leah? Laban? Jacob?
  • Why do you think deception keeps surfacing in Jacob's life?
  • What agreement did Laban and Jacob make after the wedding night? [Jacob had to wait seven days before marrying Rachel and then he had to work seven more years.]
  • Discuss the emotions now. How would Leah, Rachel, Laban, and Jacob feel?
  • Have the emotions changed any for Leah, Rachel, Laban, or Jacob?
  • What did this injustice do to the family?
  • What lessons do we learn from these stories?