Mary Anointed Jesus (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Easter (Passion Week)

Read John 12: 1-8

  • Tell the story of Jesus' visit to Bethany.
  • Why was Jesus in town?
  • Who served dinner?
  • Who anointed Jesus' feet at the supper in Bethany?
  • What kind of ointment did Mary put on Jesus' feet? (spikenard)
  • What was the cost of this ointment? (300 dinars, equal to a full salary for a common laborer. Philip told Jesus it would take 200 dinars to buy enough bread to feed the 5,000)
  • Who objected to this extravagant use of the perfumed ointment?
  • What did Judas say should be done with the ointment?
  • What did Jesus say to Judas?
  • How would you have felt if you were Judas -- being told you were wrong in front of so many people?
  • What do you think Judas did after this event?
  • Why was it important for Mary to anoint Jesus' feet?
  • Why did Jesus appreciate her kind gesture?