Morning Meal (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Easter (Passion Week)

Read John 21:1-14

  • Who was out fishing?
  • Where was Jesus?
  • What did Jesus ask the disciples in the boat?
  • What was their answer?
  • What did Jesus tell them to do with their nets?
  • How many fish did they catch this time?
  • Did Jesus need their fish to fix breakfast?
  • Who jumped out of the boat?
  • After the breakfast, what did Jesus ask Peter three times?
  • What was Peter's response?
  • What did Jesus tell him to do each time?
  • Why do you think Jesus asked him this question three times?
  • What do you think Jesus meant for Peter to do?
  • When Peter asks about the "other" disciple, what does Jesus say to Peter?
  • What does that say to us about living our lives?