Nabal, David, and Abigail (Discussion Questions)

Categories: David

Read 1 Samuel 25

  • Why do you think Nabal was so rude to David's messengers? (I Sam 25:9-11)
  • Do you think David over-reacted? Why? (I Sam 25:12-13)
  • What did Abigail do when she heard what Nabal had done? (I Sam 25:18-25)
  • How did David respond to Abigail's gesture? (I Sam 25:32-34)
  • What happened to Nabal? (I Sam 25:36-38)
  • What did David do for Abigail? (I Sam 25:42)
  • What do we learn about anger, forgiveness, mercy, selfishness, rudeness, and bad temper from this story?
  • Do you ever get angry?
  • What can you do to control anger?
  • Are you ever sorry for getting angry or upset?