Nehemiah - Prayer of Jabez, Please Bless Me God (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Jabez (Prayer of Jabez)

Read Nehemiah

  • Who was Nehemiah?
  • What was his request?
  • Who did he rely on to complete the building of the wall?
  • Which city’s walls were destroyed?
  • Why were they destroyed?
  • How difficult is it to build a wall?
  • Why did they have to build with one hand and have a weapon in the other hand?
  • How difficult would that be to hold a weapon and build the wall?
  • Who tries to stop Nehemiah from building the wall?
    • Why?
    • Has anyone every tried to stop you from doing something that needs to be done?
      • What have you done to make sure the task was completed?
    • Were Sanballat, Tobiah, and Geshem terrorists?
      • What did they try to do?
      • Why didn’t they succeed?
    • What does this story tell us about dealing with terrorists?
    • What do terrorists and bullies have in common?
    • Have you ever had to deal with a bully?
      • What did you do?
    • Why was Nehemiah successful?
    • Write a prayer that Nehemiah might have prayed.