Nicodemus Seeks Jesus (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Freshness and Newness, Gospel of John

Read John 3:1-21

  • Who was Nicodemus?
  • Why did he come at night?
  • Why was it unusual for him to visit Jesus?
  • What did he want?
  • What did Jesus tell him?
  • The word "again" in Greek means from above.
    • Jesus was telling Nicodemus he had to be born from above.
    • How does that relate to us?
  • Who else was born from above?
  • What was the import of Jesus' message to Nicodemus?
  • What does Jesus' message say to you today?
  • Is this story Jesus' way of telling us of his true nativity?
  • Are we all born from above?
  • How can we recognize that connection?
  • What instructions did Jesus give Nicodemus that we can follow today?
  • What "new" concept was Jesus asking Nicodemus and us to consider for today?