Parable of the Lost Coin (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Gospel of Luke, Jesus (Parables)

Read Luke 15: 8-10

  • Read this parable and explain it in today's language.
  • What is Jesus talking about?
  • How many silver coins did this woman have?
  • Why was it so important that she find the silver coin? [It was all she had left of her dowry]
  • What is a dowry?
  • Why did she ask her neighbors to celebrate with her? [It was the custom in those days for her to tell everyone it was lost. If they had been in her home, they would be suspect, so when she finds the coin, all her neighbors are relieved and filled with joy.]
  • What kind of a search do you do when you've lost something?
    • Do you enlist anyone else's help in finding it?
    • How do you feel after you've found the lost item?
  • Why is this parable important for the people Jesus talked to? To Us?
  • What does the coin have to do with salvation?