Paralyzed Man Healed (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Jesus' Commandment - To Love as He Loved

Read Luke 5:17-32

  • What is unusual about this story?
  • Describe the love the friends expressed.
  • Would you go to any lengths to help a friend receive healing?
  • What kind of faith did the paralytic's friends have?
  • How difficult was it to get him up to the roof? [Archaeologists have unearthed Peter's house where this healing may have taken place. The homes had stone stairs built into the side of the house for easy access to the roof. In the evenings, families would sit and talk in the cool of the night.]
  • Did Jesus get upset about the hole in the roof?
  • What did Jesus tell the man?
  • Why is forgiveness of sin so important to this man's healing? [Since they believed any physical problem was the result of sin, there may have been tremendous fear that he couldn't be healed and guilt that he needed God's forgiveness to survive. Jesus just cut through that red-tape and relieved him not only of his anxiety but his paralysis.]
  • Why were the Jewish authorities upset?
  • Why is forgiveness important in any healing?
  • What role does love have in healing?
  • If we are to love as Jesus loved, what do we learn from this healing about loving the way Jesus loved?