Paul Heals a Lame Man (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Early Christian Church, Holy Land Tours (Games/Stories), Paul

Read Acts 14:6-18
  • How do we know that Paul is a follower of Christ Jesus?
  • What was Paul doing before he noticed the lame man?
  • How did Paul know the lame man had faith to be healed?
  • What was the lame man's reaction?
  • How would you have reacted if you saw that happen?
  • Why do you think the people thought they were Jupiter and Mercury?
  • How would you react if people thought you were a god?
  • Why did the people from Iconium spread lies about Paul and Barnabas?
  • What kind of lies could they have told that would make the people change from thinking they were gods who could heal to wanting to kill Paul?
  • How do lies turn people against each other?
  • How do we stop lies?