Paul's Shipwreck (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Early Christian Church, Paul

Read Acts 27
  • Why did Paul tell his fellow passengers to be of good cheer?
  • What happened to the ship?
  • Why did the soldiers think they should kill Paul and the other prisoners?
  • How did everyone escape?
  • What was the name of the island to which they escaped?
  • What happened when they built a fire?
  • Why did the people think Paul was a god?
  • Where was Paul headed when his ship broke apart?
  • Why was he a prisoner?
  • What did he recommend the guards do instead of kill everyone?
  • What kind of respect did the guard have for Paul?
  • Why was Paul so confident?
  • After reading these stories, describe Paul's character.
    • What stands out to you about Paul?
    • Would you want Paul for a friend? Why or why not?
  • Think about Paul's transformation.
    • When Jesus called the sinners to repent, he was asking them to change their thinking and the way they lived their lives. Paul appeared to take a U-Turn with his life.
    • Describe Paul's transformation.
    • What does his transformation say to us?