Prayer of Jabez, Please Bless Me God (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Jabez (Prayer of Jabez)

Read I Chronicles 4:10

  • Who or what do we pray for?
  • How often do you pray?
  • Do you pray for peace?
    • At home?
    • School?
    • The world?
  • Why should we pray daily?
  • Why isn’t prayer just a list of things we want?
  • What is appropriate for us to pray for?
  • How does prayer dissolve:
    • Hatred?
    • Envy?
    • Resentment?
    • Terror?
    • Anger?
  • In the prayer of Jabez, what’s the first thing he asks God?
  • What is a “blessing?”
  • When we ask God to “bless” us, what are we asking for?
  • If you look at the verses in I Chronicles 4 before and after verses 9 and 10, what do you notice?
  • What is so unusual about verses 9 and 10 in this chapter?
  • How special do you think Jabez was to God?
  • Did God answer his prayer?