Preaching in Pisidian Antioch (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Holy Land Tours (Games/Stories)

Read Acts 13:14-52
  • Why is Paul mentioned first now?
  • What was Paul's main message?
  • When he was preaching in Pisidian Antioch, whom did Paul mention in order to encourage the people to believe in Jesus?
  • Why is King David important in the story of Jesus?
  • Why does it seem the Jews want to kill people who don't agree with them?
  • Is that true of other religions and cultures today?
  • Can you give specific examples?
  • Why is personal prejudice a problem then and now?
  • Why didn't the Jews like the Gentiles being converted?
  • Why did Paul and Barnabas need to leave town?
  • How did Paul and Barnabas react to the news?
  • What attitude of thought did they bring to each experience?