Raising of Lazarus (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Easter (Passion Week), Gospel of John, Gratitude (Thanksgiving), Jesus (Healings)

John 11

  • Ask the students to tell the story of Lazarus.
  • Who is Lazarus?
    • Who are his sisters?
    • How do we know Mary and Martha?
  • Why do you think Jesus waited so long to see Lazarus?
  • Do you think he knew Lazarus was going to die? Why?
  • What does Mary say about resurrection?
  • What is the shortest verse in the Bible? (Jesus wept)
  • Why do you think Jesus cried?
  • Why didn’t Martha want Jesus to remove the stone from the cave?
  • Who believed Jesus could bring back someone who had been dead 4 days already?
  • What is important about this healing?
  • What happened to Lazarus and Jesus after Lazarus came back to life? (The Chief Priest and Pharisees wanted to kill both of them)
  • Why would the Jews want to kill Lazarus and Jesus?
  • Where did Jesus go after he raised Lazarus?
  • Why did Jesus hide from his enemies?
  • Why didn't Jesus let them kill him then?
  • Why did he wait for the Passover?