Ruth (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Women in the Bible

Read Ruth 1-4
The name Ruth means friendship.

  • After reading the story of Ruth, what qualities did Ruth express?
  • Are these qualities similar to your description of a good friend?
  • Would Ruth make a good friend? Why or why not?
  • What kind of a family member was Ruth?
  • What happened to Ruth?
  • What major sacrifice does Ruth make? [gives up her family and training to establish her relationship with God]
  • What kind of a helper was she to Naomi?
  • Would you have left your homeland to follow someone not your mother?
  • Can you imagine Ruth being less than happy to serve?
  • Why was she willing to follow Naomi?
  • What was her reward for unselfed loving?
  • What kind of work did she do?
  • Who did she marry?
  • What is the name of her first child?