Sarah and Isaac (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Abraham and Sarah

Read Genesis 18:1-16; 21:1-8
  • What is the significance of the name change from Abram to Abraham and from Sarai to Sarah? [Abram means "exalted father." Abraham means "father of many nations." Sarai means "my princess." Sarah means "princess of multitudes." (Matthew Henry's Commentary p. 34)
  • Would you have laughed if you heard you were going to have a child at 90 years old?
  • What does the name "Isaac" mean? [one laughs] Why did he get this name? (Gen. 18:11-14)
  • How is it possible for someone Abraham's and Sarah's age to have a child? (Gen. 18:14)
  • Do you believe that nothing is too hard for God?